Employee Knowledge

best_practices-labeling-options-graphicGas station employees are the front line for communicating with the public, and therefore are critically important to the successful retailing of mid-level ethanol blends. Because automakers’ warranties have not yet changed to cover the use of ethanol blends beyond E10 in non-flex-fuel vehicles, it is imperative that employees know, understand, and communicate this fact:

The use of blends of ethanol beyond 10% is intended for use in flex-fuel vehicles only.

To educate your workforce, the BYO Ethanol Campaign provides a training program checklist that can not only help your station communicate ethanol consumer information effectively, but it can also help your customers confidently purchase the intended fuel blend.

Unless and until approved by the federal government, employees must never recommend that customers try these mid-level ethanol blends in standard vehicles. Station management should make every effort to ensure that employees understand the importance of following these protocols.

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