Ethanol Fuel Pump Tax Credit

Beginning after December 31, 2007, and before January 1, 2018, an ethanol fueling pump credit is available for 25% of the amount paid in the taxable year to install or retrofit fueling stations located in Wisconsin that dispense motor vehicle fuel consisting of at least 85% ethanol fuel. The maximum credit amount that may be claimed in a taxable year is $5,000 for each fueling station that has installed or retrofitted a pump. The credit must be claimed within four years of the tax return.

Download 2011 Ethanol Fuel Pump Credit Tax Form

Reference Wisconsin Statute 71.28(5j)

(Reference Senate Bill 40, 2007 and Wisconsin Statutes 71.21(4), 71.26(2)(a), 71.34(1)(g), 71.45(2)(a)10, 77.92(4), 71.28(5j), 71.30(3)(ed), 71.47(5j), and 71.49(1)(ds))

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