What Station Owners Are Saying

Charlie Good - Good & Quick • Nevada, Iowa
"In February I sold 43,500 gallons of fuel and all but 6,700 gallons was an ethanol blend. We’re way past this ten percent [blend wall] thing. That’s a dream of [oil companies]. I market my E15 four cents less than my E10. My E30 is 15 cents cheaper and my E85 is almost a dollar cheaper. My big mistake was not putting in three blender pumps. My sales volume has been increasing each month and E15 represents about 50% of my volume. I dropped my relationship with Conoco Phillips in order to offer E15, and getting away from their system saves about $25,000 a year. I know I can be successful without ConocoPhillips because it’s a fallacy, a big lie in my book, that these fuels (E15-E85) hurt your vehicles. I guarantee my fuel – I’m a mechanic with my own shop – and I haven’t had a single complaint, let alone a repair due to my fuel. My competitors are not offering any higher ethanol blends at their locations and I don’t see them changing anytime soon. The other advantage of offering E15 and higher ethanol blends is the tax incentives which are a bonus for my business by providing additional profits to compete with the competition." (Source: American Coalition for Ethanol)

Jim Becthold - Linn Coop Oil Company • Marion, Iowa
"We are a farmer-owned cooperative and are always looking to improve the bottom line of our farmers. Offering E15 was a logical choice on our part to support those goals. We not only improve their bottom line, but we reduce our need for foreign crude oil along with reducing air pollution. Our sales of E15 have more than doubled since we became the first Iowa retailer to offer E15 as a registered fuel. We’re seeing new customers who have been drawn to our station because they want E15 and to become energy independent, and this is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal."

Dave Sovereign - Fast Stop • Cresco, Iowa
"Our customers are drawn to E15 because it is a high-performing, less-expensive fuel, currently selling for up to 7 cents less than E10. We have the only blender pump in Howard County and word has spread like wildfire, so all of our higher ethanol blends are selling well. E15 accounts for 14% of total sales and our flex fuels (E30 and E85) make up more than 57% of our sales. We’ve had great demand for E15 and have built a strong customer base of loyal E15 users."

Darin Schlapia - Farmers Cooperative Company • Creston, Iowa
"When the pipeline switched from shipping 87 octane to sub-grade gasoline as the base blend, we decided to offer registered E15 at our new Creston station. Based on the consumer response to higher levels of renewable fuels, Farmers Cooperative wants to add more blender pumps so our station under construction in Mt. Ayr will carry only ethanol blended fuels, including registered E15, E10, E30 and E85. E15 is a great fuel and has brought new customers to our Creston site. Roughly 25% of our customers now choose E15. Our new station will be located in the county seat and we want to capture that customer base by offering more American-made fuel options. We’re pooling the Coop members’ resources to drive profitability and offer more competitively priced fueling options not otherwise available."

Terry Grant - East Central Iowa Cooperative • Waterloo, Iowa
"We installed E15 because we were upgrading the cardtrol pumps with blenders. We wanted to offer a variety of products to our customers. We put in E85 several years ago and our board of directors wanted to supply as much homegrown fuel as possible. We are a cooperative with a lot of farmer-based customers, and [we] decided that we should sell what we produce. We have new customers trying E15 to see how it compares to E10. Personally, I see no difference with E15 and the cost is less to operate."

Kent Satrang - Petro Serve USA • Moorhead, Minnesota
"When we added E15 last fall, sales of all ethanol blends shot up. The increase in gallons sold was eye-opening. In just the first four months at our six locations in Fargo and Bismarck where blender pumps were installed, Petro Serve USA sold more E15 than E85 and premium. And then we still sold a tremendous amount of E30 and E85 on top of that. If you deny market access to E15, which is what Big Oil wants to do, they are 100 % correct – you can’t get past 10% ethanol. If you allow market access [for] E15, E30 and E85, or even just E15 as a registered fuel, then without question that [blend] wall will be smashed. For the first time in history you will have competition at the gas pump." (Source: American Coalition for Ethanol)

Bruce Vollan - Midway Service • Baltic, South Dakota
"Moving to ethanol has generated higher revenue since we switched to only blender pumps at our station. Vollan advises other station owners to consider offering E15 and higher blends because his fuel sales are three times the volume compared to previous sales. How much more product do we sell because we sell blends? It’s out of this world compared to E0 – I wouldn’t go back. Modernization is always going to drive some business to your door, but when you are not offering ethanol, and the people want it, they are going to go somewhere else. It’s something that sets us apart, because blender pumps are not everywhere." (Source: American Coalition for Ethanol)

Scott Zaremba, President - Zarco 66 Lawrence, Kansas
“We believe in alternative fuels and giving the public a choice in their transportation energy. Now is the time to begin the transition to fuel dispensing equipment that will meet the requirement for selling alternative fuel in a variety of blends.”

Dave Andresen, General Manager - 4 Seasons Cooperative • Britton, South Dakota
“I honestly think blender pumps should be in every state... I believe this, in a couple of years, could sweep the nation. This is ethanol’s time.”

Gary French, General Manager - Sioux Valley Cooperative • Watertown, South Dakota
“I was in the process of putting in dispensers so we could have E85. Instead of putting those in, we put in blender pumps... Let the customer decide. Let it be their choice.”

Terry Green, CEO - Temp Stop Lee’s Summit, Missouri
“We’re proud to be part of this movement to promote a cleaner environment. Together with our fuel supplier, CarterEnergy, we’re making E20, E30 and E85 available to our customers and offering them more choices than ever before when it comes to refueling their vehicles. These blended fuels give them a way to join the ‘green’ movement, too.”

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