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Blend Your Own Ethanol Campaign

The Blend Your Own (BYO) Ethanol Campaign is brought to you by leading corn-producing states, the American Coalition for Ethanol, and the Renewable Fuels Association, with the goal of installing 5,000 blender pumps nationwide over the next three years.


American Coalition for Ethanol

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) is a national, grassroots organization dedicated to making ethanol the Fuel of Choice.

ACE’s members include farmers, ethanol producers, commodity organizations, businesses supplying goods and services to the ethanol industry, rural electric cooperatives, and individuals supportive of increased production and use of ethanol.

ACE is organized to promote and expand the development of the ethanol industry, and:

  • to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil imports;
  • to provide a value-added alternative for our farm products;
  • to create public awareness of the uses and benefits of ethanol, at the same time dispelling fears and erroneous product information;
  • to support legislative efforts to promote ethanol usage and to do other things necessary or expedient for the promotion and increased usage of ethanol.

For more information about ACE, visit www.ethanol.org or call (605) 334-3381.


Renewable Fuels Association

As the national trade association for the U.S. ethanol industry, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) promotes policies, regulations, research and development initiatives and market development  that will lead to the increased production and use of fuel ethanol. RFA membership includes a broad cross-section of businesses, individuals and organizations dedicated to the expansion of the U.S. fuel ethanol industry.

Organized in 1981, RFA serves as the voice of the ethanol industry, providing advocacy, authoritative analysis, and important industry data to its members, Congress, federal and state government agencies, strategic partners, the media and other opinion-leader audiences.

For more information about the RFA, visit us at www.EthanolRFA.org  or call (402) 391-1930.


BYO Supporting Members

Colorado Corn Growers Association

Corn Marketing Program of Michigan

Illinois Corn Marketing Board

Iowa Corn Growers Association

Kansas Corn Commission

Kentucky Corn Promotion Council

Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council

Missouri Corn Merchandising Council

National Corn Growers Association’s Ethanol Committee

Nebraska Corn Board

Ohio Corn Marketing Program

South Dakota Corn Utilization Council

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